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Unexpected job loss?  Problems making your minimum payments?Increasing medical bills?  Are you falling behind on your mortgage payments but want to keep your home?  Using your credit cards to buy groceries?We allow clients to get on a payment plan that works for them.  We have helped all sorts of people across Western Washington get out of debt, save their homes, reinstate their driver’s license, fix tax problems, and get on track to a fresh start.

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Have you sustained an unexpected loss of employment causing you to experience financial hardship? If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments or facing increasing medical bills you are unable to pay, we understand the financial pressures you are under at Hallaq Law. Bankruptcy attorney Brian Hallaq and his team can help you access the financial option that works best for you. We offer our services in Kent WA, Bellevue WA, Renton WA, and the surrounding areas.


If it becomes necessary to file for bankruptcy, our attorney will work on your behalf directly to prepare and complete your paperwork. Unlike in years past when clients needed to do much of the work of tracking down their creditors, finding old addresses, lawsuits, and employment information, we handle much of the work of preparing your case. We streamline the entire process to minimize your stress. We also identify and explain clearly what is required of you in the process to avoid any confusion on your part. Whether you need a business bankruptcy attorney, or help with Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, attorney Hallaq and his team have you covered.


The process of estate planning can be stressful and confusing at times. We can help you wade through your options to help you determine whether a simple or complex estate plan is best for you and your family based on your assets end of life wishes. We can help you evaluate your options and make the best choice whether you need power of attorney, simple will, or more complex revocable living trust.


Whether your home has just entered into foreclosure, or you have already experienced foreclosure on your home, it is vital to have experienced representation to make sure your rights are protected. Attorney Hallaq and his team can help you evaluate your legal options, potentially delaying or even stopping a foreclosure to give you more time to make arrangements with your creditors. If you happen to lose your home to foreclosure, we may be able to help you recover some of the asset auction funds.

We have assisted individuals and families throughout the Western Washington region save their homes, eliminate debt, solve tax issues, get their driver’s license back, and start fresh from a new slate. If you live or operate your business in Kent WA, Renton WA, Bellevue WA, or the surrounding region, bankruptcy attorney Brian Hallaq can help.

To request a consultation about the bankruptcy, wills and estate planning, and foreclosure defense and recovering services we offer at Hallaq Law, give us a call today at 206.423.9592 in Kent, Seatac, and Arlington, and in Bellevue at 206.751.6643. You may also reach us through our contact form.

Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on Bankruptcy law. The two types of Bankruptcy cases that most people can file are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

This is the most common way to get a fresh start from overwhelming debt with a minimum investment of time and money.  Chapter 7 is designed for debtors in financial difficulty who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts.

When it comes to closing a debt-laden business, bankruptcy is one option that can allow you to stop bleeding money and get a fresh start. A chapter 7 business bankruptcy may be the easiest way to go if you want to put the failing business behind you, and move forward with a new beginning.
Chapter 13 is designed for individuals with regular income who would like to pay all or part of their debts in installments over a period of time.  A Chapter 13 allows you the opportunity to restructure your life with a payment plan that fits your needs and your budget.
Whether your home has just fallen into foreclosure, or a foreclosure has already happened, you need competent legal representation to ensure that all of your rights are protected.

An experienced attorney can navigate your options and help you decide whether you need a relatively simple estate plan or a complex strategy depending on your assets and your end of life wishes. A small amount of planning will give you and your family peace of mind.

This pandemic has forced a lot of small business owners to consider filing a Bankruptcy. It can be an extremely confusing process to discern the difference between filing a personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Business Bankruptcy. Make sure you hire an experienced Bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate this minefield. Hallaq Law Firm is always available for inquiries.

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Looking for a sevice not listed? Let us know! We may be able to help or refer you.


Your consultation with our office is always free. The only thing that you have to lose is a little bit of time. We will evaluate your situation and give you an honest assessment of your options, even if that means that we might not recommend our services. We know that you will appreciate our candor and honesty, and we never want you to feel pressured to commit to a course of action. We want you to have all the facts and the time to make a reasoned decision that works best for you and your family.


Call us for a quick and free consultation.  Our office(s) are in King County, located in the heart of downtown Bellevue and Kent. We have plenty of free parking, and are located conveniently near Seattle, Lynnwood, Kent, Federal Way, and Renton.


Unfortunately, there are costs associated with any legal process, however we charge a reasonable flat fee for our services. We offer payment options that are flexible to your budget, and while we are not necessarily the cheapest law firm, we offer rates that are very affordable. We never overcharge you, but we charge a fair rate based upon our experience, and the quality of service that we provide you.


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In any attorney-client relationship you need to go with an attorney that you can trust. Don’t feel pressured to sign up with any law firm if you do not feel absolutely comfortable with who you are working with. We are local attorneys. We do not split our fees with out-of-state companies that farm you as a “lead”. We don’t send your file to a room full of paralegals to do the hard work and then just meet with you briefly to get your signatures. Beware of mass mill operations especially out of state law firms that over promise and under deliver. We have been in practice long enough to see those law firms come and go. You are not just a number to us. If you place your trust in us, we will work to make sure that this process accomplishes your goals.


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