Court is coming back…time to put the suit back on.

I think that we can all agree that the pandemic has been an awful experience. Besides the serious life & death issues, we have all had to deal with serious complications to our daily lives, such as kids not being able to go to school, business closures, masks, and product shortages.Notwithstanding all of the disruption

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Why You Need to Understand What Inflation Is

Unless you are old enough to remember the economics of the 1970’s, inflation might seem like a nerdy term that really has no relevance to your life. This is why you need to understand how inflation affects your life and what adjustments you may need to make as a result.Imagine that one day, your Boss

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Why Waiting To Work Might Be A Mistake.

As we are coming out of our Covid downtime many people have serious decisions to make. Life returning to normal means that many of the moratoriums will be coming to an end, student loans will soon become due, forbearances will end, evictions and foreclosures will start again, and choices will have to be made.One of

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